Global Citizens

At EdintheClouds, we've been using cloud technologies for more than a decade to help schools work smarter, save money, and engage learners and staff. Now, we're using the experience and expertise we've built up over that time to address the needs of 21st-Century Global Citizen. The result is a programme which brings learners from across the globe together in an online classroom where they can acquire essential contemporary skills in technology and self-knowledge, and then apply those skills as they work on collaborative projects based around the SDGs.

We all realise that the world faces some particularly acute challenges, and it will take the combined ingenuity of all of us to address them. The United Nations has recognised this and identified seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) reflecting the most pressing issues, from climate change to access to justice, gender equality to access to education.

For the C21GC Programme, we’ve developed four unique tools which combine beautifully to allow us to explain the programme to new users, to describe the quest they’re embarking on, to allow them to measure their own progress as they learn and to test their understanding and reward their achievements.

First, we use the Learning Line to represent the shape of learning and allow learners to monitor their own development as they acquire new skills and move through the programme. The line mirrors the ‘Hero’s Journey’ metaphor we use to structure the entire learning adventure.

Next, we use a Classroom in the Cloud to introduce learners to their quest and provide the instructions, guidance and assignments they need and to allow them to interact with others on the same quest.

Third, we provide a Project Marketplace where participants can browse for ideas which inspire them, submit their own, join a project team and showcase their work and achievements.

Finally, we use 123GO!, a simple online platform which provides digital micro-credentials in the form of badges rewarding learners’ successful acquisition of knowledge or completion of a task or project. Students on this programme earn Global Citizen badges.

Put these together, and you have a platform which allows learners (and teachers) the world over to come together to acquire 21st-century skills and then apply those skills in collaborative projects with people from different backgrounds and different cultures. We offer this for free to students in the developing countries, and at a very affordable price to those in the developed world.

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